Blog Tour: "One Million Arrows" by Julie Ferwerda, Part 2

(I apologize in advance for my late posting of Part 2… Blogger issues… sickness issues… and three children later… HERE IT IS!) 🙂

Every once in a while, you come across a book that is so inspiring that you just can’t put it down or get it out of your head. As a family, we’ve been reading just such a book… and it’s so good that I find myself at times, rereading parts of it just to hear the words in my head again!
In Part 1, I introduced you to “One Million Arrows,” and let you know just what our kiddos thought of it. Well, Danny & I were just as enthusiastic about what we were reading… and quite honestly, were convicted about the purposes WE had set out to fulfill with our parenting.
Have you, as a Christian parent, ever wondered if there were a GREATER purpose for you or your children? We were not given our children in some willy-nilly cosmic DNA lottery. Julie encourages us to accept our purpose-filled calling… “God chose you to be the parent of your children. He gave you the vote of confidence that there is no one better suited in this whole world for the job of raising kids to love Him wholeheartedly and to keep the faith.” (pg. 46)
With the realistically inspiring (as opposed to guilt-inducing) stories of real life Christian families like the Tebows, the McDowells, the Harris’ and the Andersons, Julie reminds us that we must accept the mission to shape arrows that will fill God’s quiver… arrows that can be mightily launched from our bows into the world at large to fulfill the Great Commission.
What Danny & I loved most about this book was that it is NOT a book of unreasonable expectations. It is NOT a holier-than-thou manifesto of “how-to-do-it-the-right-way.” We’ve had our fill of those quite frankly. Julie Ferwerda has written a book about a mission. THE Mission. The one we sometimes forget while we’re busy chasing the American Dream of trying to accomplish a life better than our parent’s had… or working hard to give our children a life better than WE had (if that’s even possible anymore.) It is a book that takes you on a journey into the depths of your heart & has you look at the real reason you had children. It makes you consider the real reason God blessed you with children.
Full of incredibly helpful advice, unique ideas & approaches to ways of ministry, this book is really a must read for any Christian parents who need that nudge in the direction of raising World Changers!
The Barth Family has joined The Mission! Will you? 🙂

About Julie Ferwerda: Julie Ferwerda is recognized for making the Bible exciting and relevant to everyday life through her writing and speaking. Her articles are featured in many Christian magazines and websites for both adults and teens, and she frequently volunteers her time and talents to international orphan ministry. Learn more at

Purchase your copy of “One Million Arrows” today at, Barnes&,, and and know that all the proceeds from the sale of this book are designated for international orphan ministry work… The work that inspired to Julie to share this vision with all of us!

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