Make Your Own School Room "Cubicles"

Back on Monday, while showing y’all around our school room, I showed you one of my newest creations… The “homeschool cubicle!”

Although I highly doubt that I’m the first person to ever think this up or use it, I have yet to see it online.

I swiped the idea from the Library. The little study tables in our Library have this kind of wall on top of them that surrounds the person sitting at the desk and keeps them from really observing all that is going on around them. The idea is to make it easier to stay focused on their work and make it less likely that they’ll be distracted.

Well, right now I’m homeschooling these two crazy cooks:

(Snapped this on our Tweetsie Adventure last weekend… more pix to come soon!)

And boy can they distract the mess outta each other!?!

So after a little bit ‘o time in my thinkin’ spot… where I think, thank, thunk… DISPLAY BOARD dawned on me!

It worked like a charm! Even though we haven’t “officially” started our school year yet… The kiddos have already spent plenty of time at the table with their “study boards” up, writing & coloring away.

It’s easy-peasy… Probably honestly too easy-peasy to demand it’s own blog post… but I’m having fun with my camera so… whatever…

 Materials: Display Board, Scissors, and a Square {…if you have a handy hubby that’ll let you borrow it! Not absolutely necessary, but it definitely makes getting a straight line cut easier…}

 Measure the length of the board and line the square up in the middle… Then open your scissors wide and use it to “score” your cutting line.

 Then just snip, snip, snip down your scored line and voila!

Then get busy decorating your boards! I purchased a white board and just added some bulletin board border to the edges. {Major props once again to Grammaw’s teacher supply lot… but you can find bulletin board border even at Dollar Tree!}

I also attached the kids names to their boards… Lawrie’s in print as he’s perfecting his penmanship and Sammi’s in cursive as she’s learning that this year. We plan to keep adding other helpful notes, charts, and tables to what the kids dubbed their “study boards.” 🙂

So there ya go! A fairly inexpensive solution {hopefully!} to all that distracts those little boogers… including each other. Have fun as y’all keep get ready to hit the books again!


  1. LOVE this idea!! Even though it’s soo simple – thanks for sharing – because some times the answer to a problem is so simple we don’t see it and need some one to help us :).

  2. Great idea! I have a couple who distract each other to no end. I might have to try this!

  3. Great idea!! It’s always a win when a solution is cheap AND easy!! And I’m impressed w/your purty penmanship, lol!

  4. I like this idea!

  5. Ha ha! Thanks Cheryl! It is SO simple… I actually debated back & forth about whether or not to share it… but then Danny said basically the same thing you did… 🙂

  6. Thanks Jenny! They can be REAL boogers to deal with sometime… Hope it works for y’all!

  7. Oh girl, you KNOW one of my mottoes is “Cheap & Easy!”
    And my penmanship only looks like that when I *really* focus on making it purty… Ask my Mom… she can hardly read my actual handwriting… LOL

  8. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are to use it & that it works for ya!

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