Christmas Goodies

What is it about Christmastime that seems to lure us into the kitchen to bake special things that we save just for this time of year???

I just love making treats this time of year!

Of course, I also have another slight motivation…

Our ladies Circle at Church sells cookie trays as a fundraiser. This means that all the members of the Circle must make the cookies to fill the trays. In the amount of 25 dozen each.

Nope. No typo there. 25 dozen. 300.

Sound daunting? Eh… I ‘spose that would be based on how much you like or dislike baking. I happen to love it, so I really tend to enjoy it! Especially if I pick some recipes that allow the kids to help me, instead of hovering over me begging to try everything! 😉

This year I tried a coupla new things… and some new twists on old favorites…

Hershey Pies {Recipe}

Christmas S’mores {Recipe}

Reindeer Peanut Butter Cookies {Recipe}

(Fruity Pebbles) Rice Krispie Treats in a Mini Muffin Pan {Inspiration}

After all that, we pack up our goodies and meet up at the Church on a Saturday morning to fill the cookie trays.

Everything gets lined up then we work our way down the table filling up each tray with 4 dozen cookies!

The trays then get wrapped in cellophane… trimmed up…

…and then a pretty bow!

When they’re all done, we hang around chatting, sharing recipes, taste-testing leftovers and waiting for the folks that pre-ordered their trays to come pick them up. 🙂

So much fun… and really, an easy way to raise a fairly significant amount of money! Our Circle uses the funds to support various mission-minded activities in our Church and community.

How’s your Christmas baking going? Are you baking for a purpose or purely for pleasure?

Love & Grace~


  1. Nice. I’m baking very few things: Stollen, Florentines, and then making angel food candy. That’s it for this year. The plates in the photo above make a nice gift!

  2. Oh man – I love this idea!! This could easily be modified to make plates for shut-ins or nursing homes….I’ll be passing this along to my husband for inspiration! Thanks!

  3. What a great idea and WOW again… 300 cookies!! Kudos to you for even including the kiddos on it too. You’re my hero, ha ha! 🙂

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