4 Seasons… 1 Pair of Crocs ;-)

My son loves his Crocs. {I ‘spose he gets it from me… both his disdain for shoes & his love of Crocs…} But they aren’t cheap! So the more wear I can get out of them, the happier I am.

For about 2 years now, I’ve made a point of buying him some “winter” Crocs that are lined, because I learned that they can be easily transformed into “summer” Crocs with just one. simple. tool. {And a little patience!}

You’ll only need ONE little tool for this little endeavor…

{or a seam ripper, if you’re one of those talented people that can sew & have those kinda tools} 😉

1} Pull back the inner lining over the little tab on the top of the Croc that holds it in place.

As you pull that lining back, it will reveal the little threads that attach the lining to the sides of the Croc.

2} Carefully run the razor blade through each little thread, all the way around the Croc.

3} When you completely finish doing that {it doesn’t take long…} all you have to do is pull out the liner and pull out those tiny little threads!

And ta da! Summer Crocs! 🙂

{I also used the razor blade to chop off that little tab on the top of the Croc that was holding the liner on… Totally optional.}

So there ya have it! My Croc hack… LOL

From this…

To this!


  1. Very cool! What a great way to stretch their usefulness.

  2. did they come with a strap to hold them on? do you know crocs will send you replacement rivets for free so you could have the strap still? and make them winter crocs again? (though that would be more for adults – my kids wear their crocs out in one season, they’d never last a year, and if they lasted a year, they wouldn’t fit anymore…)

  3. Great idea!! I’m kicking myself now for not buying that pair on clearance last week – totally didn’t know you could take the lining off!

  4. That’s weird because mine came with buttons where the fabric part can be taken off and put back on. Then again, my crocs are ancient 🙂

  5. Thank Jenny! Oh yeah… I’m ALL about stretching usefulness! {That sounds so much nicer than “I’m cheap!”} LOL

  6. Cheryl,
    These did not have straps around the backs of them. They were the Crocs brand that was carried by Target (which I think is a little different than the Crocs brand shoes that are carried at specialty stores) last winter. And yeah… with Lawrie being my only boy & his feet growing like they do, they’ll be recycling material by the end of this summer! 😉
    I’m glad to know that they’ll replace the strap though! I have a pair of Mary Janes that I just LOVE & would definitely get a replacement strap for ’em it one ever broke. Thanks!

  7. Quick! Go see if they’re still there! LOL
    No actually, I’m glad to hear that it was news to someone, ‘cuz I was kinda thinking I was silly for sharing it!

  8. Well these were newer… we got them at Target last winter and while some of the smaller ones had back straps, the bigger kids shoes did not.
    I think I would like that feature on MY Crocs though! 🙂

  9. What a great idea to get the most bang out of your buck! Resourceful momma!

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