5 Days of Organizing Kids’ Clothing… The Seasonal/Size Swap Out

I canNOT believe that we’re already on our final day of this series! I’ve had so much fun sharing all of our madness methods with you!

This week we’ve talked about buying clothes ahead of your anticipated needs… ways to keep ’em organized while they’re in ’em… and we’ve talked about ways to store clothing that you want to keep to pass on/down.

But twice a year {at least here} all those systems get thrown up in the air simultaneously while we’re in the midst of “The Great Seasonal Swap Out!”  🙂

The specific time that it happens here varies each year… but sometime in the Spring and sometime in the Fall… as the weather begins to change, we make plans to change out the accessible clothing too.

The first step is only for my oldest, Sammi. Since she is now 10 {and since she was about 8} her growth is beginning to come in spurts, instead of the steady growth of the toddler/preschool years. So there are some things that she’s actually be able to wear for two winter or two summers before she’s really outgrown it. So the swap out begins with pulling things that she knows she’ll likely fit into again the following year. Those things are then transferred to the appropriate “Next Season” {winter/summer} bin.

Lawrie {7} is just now starting to have a few things carry over. So far, it’s only been things like hoodies, sweaters & sweater vests… But for the most part, when it comes to the younger 3, everything comes out & gets packed away. For Lawrie’s things, that means adding a new bin to our stash… and for the little girls, it means replacing the now outgrown things back into their previous bins and pulling out the next size bin!

Current things come down from the hanging rod & out of the drawers and into their new bin home.

Things from either the Next Size or Next Season bin come out and go in drawers & on hangers!

The whole process, for all 4 children takes me about a week. Sometimes longer. But I have to be careful not to drag it out for too long because that can cause the clothes to get lost, mismatched, or even thrown back in with the current season’s clothes! 😉

Here are a few great sites that share even more tips for the seasonal/size swap out:

Well, I hate to say goodbye… because I really enjoyed this week! I hope that I’ve been able to share something that has been or will be helpful to you. I’ve learned {and am still learning!} so much about organizing various areas of my life… but I am currently thrilled with our kids’ clothing system! Now onward & upward to the other areas of my house that need this much attention! LOL

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 5 Day Series about Organizing Kids’ Clothing. In case you’ve missed the previous posts, you can find them all here:

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I truly appreciate your joining us… and if you’re a new visitor to the blog, I hope you’ll hang out with us for a while! We have a lot of fun here… 😉


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