5 Days of Organizing Kids’ Clothing… What You’ve Bought Ahead

Today we’re gonna talk about buying kids’ clothes ahead of their need and what to do with ’em ’til you do need ’em!

Buying children’s clothing ahead of your needs is a great money-saver. There are several ways to go about it… end-of-season clearance sales at stores & outlets… local consignment sales… and thrift stores. Buying ahead also helps the budget because it spreads your clothing purchases throughout the year.

For some helpful tips on getting the most bang for your buck at a consignment sale, be sure to check out this post I did last year on “Conquering the World of Consignment Sales.

After you decide to make the move toward purchasing clothing for your kids ahead of their actual need, the next two things you need to do are to a} decide what you need & want and b} decide how you’re going to store those clothes until you’re ready to use them without forgetting about them!

Here are some sites with great suggestions on exactly how much clothing your child{ren} need:

These should help you to think through your family’s needs and develop a good clothing list. 🙂
And as for storing those things that you buy ahead… here’s one way of doing it…
As soon as I bring in “new” items, they get placed in the Next Season bin! We have one for Sam & one for Lawrie, because technically, the little girls’ next season bins are all from the bin stack of outgrown clothes. 😉

Bin gets labeled as soon as it starts getting filled and…

…up above the kids’ hanging clothes they live! {There’s an extra one up there right now because Emme’s kinda waffling in between 18-24 months & 2T sizes…}  😉

Just a coupla pieces of advice with a system like this:

  • If you can’t keep the bin where you can see it, at least keep it close! Remember, outta sight… outta mind. And you do NOT wanna miss using all those clothes that you bought ahead!
  • If you’ve got itty bitty baby clothes that you decide to go ahead & hang up ‘cuz they’ll be moving into ’em soon… please use some type of sizing divider! I made this simple version out of 4×6″ index cards.
Well, I hope that this post might’ve helped you to think through how to store clothing that you’ve bought ahead for your child{ren} or to give some consideration to beginning to purchase ahead, to spread out the chore!
Please be sure to join me tomorrow for the last post in our 5 Days series, all about the “Seasonal/Size Swap Out!”
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