A Day in Our Life… HANG ON!!

Before I bore share with you the details of what one of our typical days looks like, I suppose I need to add a little disclaimer… Things have changed a little here for us lately. Danny lost his job on Friday. So in all honesty, there was not much school done last Friday or this Monday. But I do want to share with y’all how things usually flow around here, despite the fact that we’re in the midst of a MAJOR adjustment at the moment. :-/  {This is also the reason it has taken me for.ever. to get this blog post actually published!} ::Sigh::

This is our first year working together on the same curriculum as a family. What I mean by that is that in the past coupla years, we’ve been using My Father’s World and Sammi was on one level and Lawrie was on another. To some degree, it was almost like going thru two sets of schoolwork a day. Our switch to Simply Charlotte Mason has led to a better ability to combine more study subjects.

But before we even get to school work… there’s a morning “routine.” It goes something like this:

  • Sammi is the first one up, nearly every day. She gets up sometime between 7-8 am. She is both a light sleeper and an early riser… just like her Daddy. {And totally opposite of me?!} She tries to be very quiet & typically reads while she eats breakfast or sneaks in a little early morning cartoon watching. {Even though I’m not exactly thrilled about that…}
  • The little girls are usually up next, sometime between 8-8:30 am and this gets me up. LOL  Then I make them breakfast, unless Sammi’s just feeling extra helpful that day and on those days she makes them breakfast and I take advantage of that time by grabbing a shower. 😉
  • Lawrie is always the last one up. He’s my son. A hard, deep sleeper that needs a lot of it! Some morning I even have to go get him up.
  • By the time we all get finished eating… getting dressed… and getting the little girls “occupied,” it’s typically about 10 am when we’re ready to get started on our schoolwork.

This is what our weekly school “schedule” looks like:

It is based on this “Typical Schedule” over at Simply Charlotte Mason. I used quotations around the word schedule and that’s because one thing you might notice missing from our schedule is times.  I have freed us from the notion of time deadlines/constraints on our school work. For far too long, I had our schedule mapped out time-wise and not meeting those specific times was so aggravating to me, that it made me want to quit! I felt like we were never on time or accomplishing things in the way we should. I have learned that I am, indeed, more of a ROUTINE person than a SCHEDULE person. 😉

I usually start things off with Sammi & Lawrie doing their individual work and either work on some grading or work with Ellie on some of her Tot School activities.

By the time they finish their individual work… it’s usually just about time for lunch! {Anytime from 12-1 pm.} We work together to make lunch and eat… and while they’re eating, I use this time to read whatever “read-aloud” we’re currently working on for our Literature at the time.

Following lunch, the little girls go down for naps. 🙂 Anywhere from 1-2 pm and usually sleep for about 2 hrs., if we’ve worn ’em out good enough that morning.

During that time, we roll through our “Family Work” finishing up somewhere between 3-4 pm.

Back when Danny was working, he worked a flip-floppy retail schedule… some days 5:30 am – 2:30 pm and others 2 pm – 11 pm. So our schedule kinda flip-flopped with him. On those mornings when he was home, we’d do our Family Work together while he was here to occupy the little girls… and on those days when he worked early we just left that for nap time and worked on Individual Work first.

Right now, we’re trying to feel out which of our two “usuals” is going to work best for our new daily routine.

We tend to do a full house, all hands on deck “Zone Recovery” {a term Danny started using at home that he acquired from work…} in the neighborhood of 4-5 pm… the time when I was usually preparing supper. We ate at 5 because when Danny was closing {working 2-11 pm} he would take his “lunch break” at 5 and come home to eat with us. So, we just ate at 5 everyday.

We’ve been eating at more like 6-7 pm these last few days.

Following supper, we do family devotions at the table.

Other little schedule additions that aren’t everyday occurrences…

  • Sammi’s piano lesson on Monday afternoons @ 4:30 pm {although we’ve suspended these for the time being…}
  • Church Choir practice… for Me or Danny & Sammi on Wednesdays @ 7 pm.
  • Softball/Baseball practices/games. In the spring, it’s Sammi… in the fall, it’s Lawrie. Usually 1 practice per week from about 6:30-8ish and one game… plus another Saturday game. Their seasons usually last for 2 months.
Most nights the little girls are in bed between 8:30-9 pm and Sam & Lawrie are in bed by 9-9:30 pm.

And then we get up and do it all over again! 🙂

Linkin’ up over a the iHomeschool Networks’ “NOT Back to School” Blog Hop. {Can’t believe this is the last week already?!}

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P.S. ~ We certainly would appreciate your prayers during this difficult time in our family… we’ve never been through anything like this before. 


  1. I am sorry to hear about your husband’s job! I think that is another reason I truly love homeschooling. It grants you the liberty you need when life throws you curveballs. Hang in there Mom! You are doing a great job!

  2. God is with you durinbg this hard time. remember this verse Philippians 14:3 I can do all things through Christ which strenghthens me.

  3. We have been through layoffs and contracts ending before, and I completely understand. Ours time was usually right before or right after my having one of the kids, tax time, car repair, or something else. I am praying for you and the adjustments that you are going through. Oh, and is that the IKEA wooden dish drainer on your work space? Genius! You should pin that… 🙂

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