Wordless Wednesday: A Boy & His Frog… {8/8/12}

So there’s this pond down below our house…

…and it contains all forms of pond creatures…

…but my son is fascinated with the bullfrogs.

He’s been watching them grow since they were teeny tiny tadpoles. Catching them… observing them… and then releasing them again {after much prodding on our parts…}

And it has made for a better nature study this year than any money can buy.  😉


Wordless Wednesday link ups… 


  1. How wonderful and I love that you make certain he releases them. He gets the joy of knowing them, and they are okay too!

  2. What a great way to learn about frogs! We’ve got bullfrog tadpoles now and I was going to encourage my teens to grab a few so we could watch them grow. Great pictures!

  3. A great way to get familiar with nature’s creatures and with some proper guidance this will also build his respect for nature. Keep it up!

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