What is it that they say…

…about the best laid plans???

Yeah I laid ’em down… catching up on some blogging… catching up on some grading of math work… putting away the last vestiges of our Christmas/winter decorations…  but of course my incredibly giving children decided to share with me a bit of what they’d been suffering from. 🙁

I thought I was gonna be able to fight it off on my own, but it knocked me down h a r d  last week. And Danny was working outta town again too. Fortunately his job wrapped up early, bringing him home Wednesday evening. When he got home, he insisted on taking my to the doctor the next day. ::Sigh::

Bronchitis. Lovely.

But that Z-Pack thing is UHmazing.

I’m starting to feel like I’m walking in the world of the living again, I’m confronted with everything that didn’t get done. Yikes.

Oh well. Guess I’ll get back to all that catching up!

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