No Signs of a Slow Down

Being “too busy to blog” is apparently my new season in this life. So I’ve made the decision to set aside a time to write every. day. I don’t know that I’ll post everything I write… but it should definitely make for more material for me to work with.

This month shows no signs of providing more time for blogging as I used to… by inspiration… when the mood strikes… as I had some great pictures…

I am going to be more intentional about it. Well, at least more intentional about writing. Because writing (not necessarily blogging) is what I really enjoy. For far too long I’ve kept myself from doing it unless it had a “purpose” for the blog. #myperfectionismisshowing

And I think I can accomplish this goal of everyday writing… because I’ve been doing pretty good with another goal I set at the beginning of February: Exercising.

Yep, I’ve been on my elliptical several times a week (and some weeks, every day) in preparation for my first 5K coming up this weekend.

Yesterday I used some of my birthday money from my parents to invest in some really, really great (so say all the runners I know) running shoes…

I may have slightly hyperventilated as I was paying for them… my heart may have actually skipped a beat or two. I cannot recall ever having paid so much for a pair of shoes in my life! Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t  Air Jordans expensive… just more than this grab-a-pair-from-the-clearance-rack-at-Target girl is used to!! But with a bum knee and crazy weak arches, I knew I did not want to be in pain in the days following the 5K.

As busy spring schedules would have it, the 5K is also the same day as the Opening Ceremonies for softball season! And we’re in the midst of thrice weekly practices, leading up to the first game of the season.

I’m also in process of working on my session for the 2 to 1 Conference which is just one. month. away?! Say what?!

And on top of that… I’m just today starting this…

Oh. joy.

How ’bout ya’ll? How’s your March lookin’ so far???

Well, better get back to it… I’ve hit my writing time limit for today. 😉

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  1. Cranberry Morning

    I guess you get what you pay for, right? Enjoy the shoes and good luck on your 5K this weekend! Hope you’ll stop in and check out my handcrafted vegan soap sale.

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