The One Where I Learn More Than the Kids

I’ve been a Christian for 19 years now. {Wow I just felt old when I wrote that…} And in that 19 years, despite spells where I meandered away from my focus on God, I have maintained a fervent interest in learning all that I can about my God, my Savior, and this thing we call faith.

I’ve completed Bible study after Bible study… attended Prayer Vigils… Sunday School classes… mission trips… conferences, seminars, and even attended seminary… and somehow in all that, I’d never caught this lesson, in this same way that I learned it recently while walking my two oldest through their history/Bible lesson.

We’re working our way through the Pentateuch this year with Simply Charlotte Mason‘s Genesis Through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt.” Recently, we were getting into Exodus and the story of Moses’ being called by God to lead the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery. In addition to reading passages directly from Scripture, we are also using “Herein Is Love, Vol. 2: Exodus by Nancy E. Ganz, which is considered a “commentary for children,” but I’m questioning that after this. 😉

So there we were in Lesson 6 of the commentary called “Provisions for the Journey.” Covering Exodus 3:1 – 4:17. The Lord was calling Moses to lead the people of Israel out of the bondage of slavery into the Promised Land. He appeared to Moses in a burning bush… He spoke to Moses… He reassured Moses in light of his self-doubt.

God even gave Moses signs and revealed His name to him. Then God gave Moses the step-by-step directions for accomplishing the task at hand. God spelled out every. single. move. that Pharaoh would make and how to respond!

Even so, Moses’ reply was basically, “What if they don’t believe me???”

What if…

How many times have those words crossed my lips? Daily. I’m sure of it. I am a worrier. Indecisive about things because I long to foreknow the outcomes… and here, in this very “children’s’ commentary” is the answer to the question(s) I’ve long asked for ages: “Why won’t the Lord just send me a sign that this is the right decision… why won’t He just reveal a bit of what this is supposed to be about… why, why, why???”

And the answer?

Because it wouldn’t make a difference.

He’s done that before.

With Moses.

He revealed His e.n.t.i.r.e. plan to Moses and still Moses doubted… and questioned.

And so would we.

Learning this so clearly has given me a new reason to work on stopping the time-wasting I do worrying {read: trying to map out every possible outcome based on potential choices} about the decisions I make or of the situations that we may find ourselves in as a family. I’m not going to know them until they happen and there’s nothing I can do to change that. And, Moses’ story played out just as God said it would. He had it under control from the start.

I think this lesson has also given me greater peace. I’ve said these things a hundred times to other people… believing them, but only perhaps on the surface… The Lord has a plan for my life… {Jeremiah 29:11} for the lives of my family members… and knowing the details of His plan will never change the fact that ultimately, it will be for our good and His glory. {Romans 8:28} And now, since coming face-to-face with it so bluntly, I believe much deeper than surface level.

I suppose this is just further proof of how alive God’s Word truly is in the life of a believer, that He allows us to continually learn and be transformed by passages previously glossed over…

Grace & Peace~

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