WW {3/20/13} Learning Something New

Part of a Charlotte Mason education includes the learning of handicrafts. Handicrafts are particular skills used to make decorative {and useful!} objects by hand. These include beading, drawing, knitting, pottery, scrapbooking, woodworking, and many, many more.

Sammi has long had a desire to learn to sew and I have honestly longed to get better at it. {My skills are limited to hemming… and even then I usually opt to defer to my much more talented Mom for that task…} So since my Mom was kind enough to get Sammi set up with a few essential for sewing this past Christmas and we already had a sewing machine, we decided to take the leap!

This little book, “My First Sewing Machine Book,” by Alison McNicol has been a great help to me in teaching her!

How about you fellow Charlotte Mason-ers out there… Which handicrafts are your favorites? Anyone else tackled sewing before?

P.S. Sorry for the grainy Instagram pic… I wanted to do a WW again {it’s been a while} & wanted it to be about Sammi’s sewing adventure, but I’ve apparently misplaced the memory card with my “good” pics on it & I hadn’t gotten them on the hard drive yet. 🙁 Hoping to find it soon… In the meantime, thank goodness for Instagram! 😉

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  1. That is cool! my daughter took a sewing class this year. We don’t have a sewing machine, but she has hinted at it.

    Thanks for sharing. Your daughter is very cute! Happy WW

    Sue @ http://www.sahmsue.com

  2. Yay!! I’m not awesome at sewing but I do love it! It is a fun craft to learn. I teach my kids a little bit as they want to. I have never seen these books before and it might be neat to pick that up. Would give more direction to my lessons. Hehe…
    Take care!

  3. Sewing is a great hobby for little girls! My daughter was in to it a few months back, but she currently took up crocheting because she wants to make a scarf for her dad by his birthday… Keep encouraging your little one to sew. It’s a great skill to have, girl or boy, no matter how old you are!

  4. Nancy at Ollie McKays

    Ahhh. . . love this!! I hesitate to tell you this b/c it for sure puts the age out there ~ LOL, but I STILL have my first Singer sewing machine that I got on my 16th birthday 44 yrs ago!! It still works! Happy sewing to your precious angel!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Nancy! That is so awesome that you still have your first sewing machine! I hope Sam will be able to say the same about hers in that many years!! 🙂

  6. Thanks Janice! I’m actually kinda sorta having to teach myself as we go along, which I’m enjoying… I wish I’d taken the time to learn it from my Mom when I was younger!

  7. The books has been VERY helpful to me in knowing what order to show Sammi which things. 🙂 I really hope that in teaching her, I can get better myself!

  8. Thanks Susan! I’m considering the idea of signing her up for a class, especially if she gets the basics down & begins to outpace my knowledge of it! LOL

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