{Nature Study} Signs of Spring


Each week, we spend “hours in the out of doors,” as Charlotte Mason called it.

I like to set aside a certain amount of time each week, devoted to our Nature Study.

One of the kids’ favorite nature study times is during the change of seasons… I always send ‘em out with a very simple task:

Get out there and find me three signs that spring {or summer, fall, or winter} is here!

When they are done with their adventuring and collecting, we examine the things they found and discuss why and how those things are signs of the season change…

This is what they gathered most recently for our area’s change to spring:

Sam's Spring Collage

Sam’s collage included an azalea bloom, a blade of grass, and a new oak leaf.

The Azalea Society of America
Information of North Carolina Turfgrasses
Carolina Nature: Willow Oak


Lawrie’s included a little wildflower, a pollen stem, and an inchworm.

Flora of North America: Meadow Buttercup
Kids Growing Strong: About Pollination
Encyclopedia.com: Inchworm

After we spend a little time together searching for more information about each spring sign, we then document our findings! This time, we did so with photographs, though at other times we do drawings, paintings, or dictated, written descriptions. With our photos, we made these collages.

So simple, yet so much fun and so much learning! From the observations of our local environment, to the research & identification of each item, you can just see their little minds spinning as they take time to appreciate this change of season.

{Linkin’ up today with Fisher Academy’s Nature Study Monday…}


Grace & Peace~

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  1. cool! i like your collages and links! i can’t wait to see some journal entries someday! i too love the turn of seasons… sometimes i wish it were more pronounced here, but then again, we wouldn’t have lots of the things we love here… so, thanks so much for sharing your season change evidences with us!

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