Dollar Store Hair Tie Organization

There are three girls in our house.

That’s a lot of hair to do everyday!

But it wasn’t always that way. Back when Sammi was a toddler, she was a baldy! I think she finally started to get a little length of hair at about age 3. Even then, it wasn’t much. By the time she had enough hair for pony tails, I was able to use my hair ties on her hair…
Hair Elastics

Ellie’s hair grew faster than Sam’s did… and Emme was born with enough for ponytails! So things have been much different this time around.

The classic elastics were just too bulky for their cutesy ponytails, “blowholes,” and puppy dog ears.”

Little Girls' Hair Collage

But then I found these little gems at the dollar store…

Tiny Hair Elastics


They also have them in “clear” and “multi-colored” varieties.

So for quite a while, these have been our go-to hair accessories.


They’ve been a pain to keep up with.

Initially, I would just snip a corner off the package & keep ‘em in there. {But it’s not a very sturdy package.}

Then we moved on to dumping them into a zip-lock baggie. {But they would eventually get dumped out e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. when the baggie would accidentally get left open.}

So the other night, as I was shopping and restocking our hair tie supply, I thought to myself, “There’s gotta be something here that would make a good storage box for these things?!”

And lo and behold… I found it!

Hair Tie Blog Post with Text


This little 7-day pill organizer is the perfect thing to hold all these tiny little ties! AND with the multi-colored compartments, I even divided up our multi-colored ties so that we can grab just the right color to coordinate with outfits. 🙂

Lots 'o Tiny Ties
Purple TIes
Pill Box or Hair Tie Container?
Nice and Organized
Dollar Store Hair Tie Organization

Now, in case you don’t already know, dollar store inventory is ever changing, so I can’t say for sure how long these may be available there, but I have also seen similar little storage thingies at craft supply stores in the scrapbooking section.

If you have little ones in your house that require regular hair tie use, this might be just the thing to keep you from pulling your own hair out over what to do with these things!

Grace & Peace~

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  1. We use those as well – and they are SO much better than the bigger ties I need for Sophie’s hair. I’ll have to look for that colored storage tower. Right now ours are sitting in a Tupperware container in the bathroom OUT of the reach of little fingers. Ahem.

  2. Yep – I use the same ties and I found a little box with a few compartments to keep Abby’s ties & bows in. I like this colored storage though – for my craft supplies! Might need to go look for those! Also, need to get the multi-colored ties, Abby would love those! We just use the boring black ones right now. Haha…

    Also, I was gonna tell you – we call the “blowhole” hairstyle a “Water Fountain.” Somebody at playschool called it that earlier this year. Haha… I love doing Abby’s hair that way, cause it’s just so quick and easy. =)

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