5 Days: Pool Accessories & Necessities


In years past, summertime for us meant lazy days at the pool! Until just a couple of years ago, my parents {who live next door to us} had a beautiful in-ground pool that we took the kids over to swim in nearly every day.

Since the pool’s been gone, we’ve tried different things in the summer to get our water fix… Back in 2011, Sam & Lawrie joined an area swim team, which basically got them into the pool every day. But at the end of the season, the kids very honestly told us that they really missed “just swimming for fun.” So last year was the year of the local splash pad for us. But that still just wasn’t the same…

So this year, Danny and I talked and prayed and talked some more and we finally decided to join the community pool where the kids had participated in swim team before. It wasn’t exactly “cheap,” but according to my Mom, it was less than the cost of operating a pool on one’s own… and since we don’t do a lot of other costly things during the summer like theme park trips, we decided that it would be a good investment for our family.

That meant that I was diving right back in to the world of pool accessories and necessities!

I was initially a little overwhelmed thinking back on all the wet bathing suits and towels and floaties and toys and goggles and life vests and on and on and on….. It just seems to have no end!

But one night just after we’d received our pool passes for the year, I was standing in my laundry room having just stocked that awesome new-to-me wardrobe that had a bar hanging across the walls of its other side… and I thought to myself…


I’m gonna hang every piece of swimming stuff I can in there?!


That has ended up being all of the kids’ swim suits and all of our pool towels!


Just a few spare clip hangers will do the trick! Not to mention, hung towels dry much more quickly. {Though at times, I do toss all of ours into the dryer for a few minutes before they get hung…}

The top shelf has become a good spot to toss the toys, goggles, and sunscreen…


A hook on the side is the perfect spot for my huge tote to hang out…


And because I’m so terrible at hanging on to membership cards and stuff like that, I grabbed a note card ring from my school supply stash and stuck it right on the tote!


Lastly, the life vests. I’ve tried out a couple of spots for these for the past few days, but I think I’ve landed on this end-of-the-shelf spot at the end of the dryer for now…


Our TO THE POOL routine looks something like this…

  • I grab all the suits and pass them out. Sammi helps the girls get theirs on in her room and Lawrie gets his on in his room.
  • I grab all the towels, roll them up altogether and stuff them into one side of my huge tote.
  • Then in goes everything else!
  • We all meet in the den for a sunscreen slathering session and then we’re out the door.

Our FROM THE POOL routine goes like this…

  • All towels are given to me and I either throw ‘em in the dryer for a few minutes {if they’re sopping wet…} or hang them back up in the closet.
  • The kids head back to their rooms… take off their suits & put back on their clothes from before.
  • They are then responsible for bringing their suits back to the laundry room and hanging them up themselves. {Ellie & Emme are working on this…}
  • Then they remove all the wet toys from the tote and place them in our laundry room utility sink to drain/dry off a bit. Later, I’ll place them all back on the top shelf of the wardrobe.

The kids all love going to the pool so much that they want our getting out of the house to be quick, so they are learning that to make that possible, we have to take the time to put things back where they will dry and be ready for us the next day. {Yes, I’m hoping that this will begin to spill over into other areas of their life… like, say, their bedrooms?!}

The things I’ve learned in getting back into the pool stuff storage groove are…

  • Open your eyes to the storage possibilities right in front of you! You may not have originally planned to use a particular space in the way you’re needing, but it might just work! Even the smallest spaces an be transformed into great storage nooks.
  • Keep all pool accessories and necessities as close together as physically possible.
  • Hang up as much as you can. This helps drying time and organization.

Well, I hope you all have a great summer of swimming and that I’ve been able to maybe share a few tips with you for keeping all that stuff together and ready to go.

~ ~ ~

I cannot believe that this is that last day of our 5 Days of Summer… Series! This has been a fun week with Stephanie sharing ideas of camping fun… Julie helping us entertain those littles… Monique keeping us inspired to learn… Jamie sharing great reads with us… and Christy making sure that we as Moms don’t forget ourselves. So don’t forget to check out these great blogs and click thru on the graphic below to be sure and enter the 5 Days of Summer Series GIVEAWAY!


It has really been fun getting to share all the projects we’ve been accomplishing around here with all of you. Thanks for all your support of the 5 Days Series and stayed tuned for the next one!!!

Grace & Peace~

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