5 Days: The Closets That Get Let Go


We are blessed in our house with a couple of great built-in closets. We have one in the bathroom and one in the hall that both seem to give me fits!

The issue with our hall closet has been that I never truly set out a clear definition of the purpose of that space. It was part linen closet, part game closet, part gift wrap closet, part catch-all closet.

The issue with the bathroom closet was that I had absolutely no sense or order to the space. Sure, it’s purpose was clearly defined: store all of our bathroom necessities; but everything was just shoved in there in a mish-mash disaster in which I never seemed to be able to find what I needed!

The thing that precipitated my finally addressing these issues was that my incredibly generous cousin Renee, blessed us with an Ikea wardrobe that they were not moving to their new house. It’s new home in our house is in our laundry room!


This new potential storage space got me thinking about my closets… and I decided that I would move all of our linens out to the new spot in the laundry room {wash, dry, fold & put away all in the same room… SCORE!}


This allowed me to specify the hall closet as the storage space for 3 things: gift wrap, games, and musical instruments.



{My hall is dark, so I owe a thank you to my photo lighting assistant, Lawrie! Oh, and don’t mind the ancient alarm system & wiring… removing that just got added to a new project list! LOL}

So far, so good! The kids have done a pretty good job of placing their games back into the closet now that they can be easily reached and they’re not trying to shove them in there in amongst sheets, pillowcases, and blankets.

The bathroom closet took a little more work. After beginning by picking through a few items, I finally decided to just take every. stinking. thing. out. Yes, our one and only bathroom was virtually inaccessible for a few hours, but it made the job soooooooooo much easier! With everything spread out around me, it was easy to spot which things went together so that I could figure out a bin system, and it was easy to see what needed to just head straight for the trash. {There was a lot that went that way, too.}



{Please excuse the mess on the walls… when I did this purging a couple of weeks ago, I noticed the paint chipping off, so Danny & I started spackling the walls and prepping them to paint, but we have not yet finished… That’s also on that new project list!}

Oh and also, I’m sorry that there are no before pictures. Believe it or not, I never considered blogging about my closets before, ‘cuz I’m not exactly an organizing expert… but when the opportunity came to do the 5 Days Series, I was in the organizing mode so it was all I could think about! However, you saw my car’s “before” pictures yesterday… so just imagine something like that, in these spaces… LOL

The things that I learned over the process of getting these two particular areas organized are…

  • Define your storage spaces. Give them a clear purpose so they can work for you.
  • K.I.S.S. it. {Keep It Simple, Stupid!} Purge, purge, purge. If you haven’t used it in the last 3 months {or if it expired a year ago?!} let it go.
  • Bins can transform a storage space. And honestly, they just don’t have to be cutesy $10 stylized finds from The Container Store {as much as I love those…} Plastic, cheap-o Dollar Store bins will help you get things sorted just as well!

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Grace & Peace~

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