5 Days: The In & Out All Day, All Summer Door


If your house happens to be anything like ours, there is one door that seems to be the favorite door in the summertime. It’s the one you hear squeak, creak, slam, or spring open and shut all day because of those beautifully rambunctious kids enjoying the outdoors and making sure to come back in to tell you all about it!

For us, it’s our front door. We are blessed with a spacious front yard, set way back off the road, with a beautiful canopy of oak trees. It’s a perfect play area. Our swings are out there… as well as the kids’ playhouse and our picnic table. And with our school room right off the front of the house, the kids venture in for some work and out for some play with ease, plus I can keep my eyes on them out the front windows if I have some work to catch up on.

Now with our old house being as drafty as it is, I have been known to utter that old phrase, “Do ya think we’re trying to air condition the whole city?” because the kids’ in and right back out trips rarely involve the door getting fully closed.

So this year I moved a small wire rack {affiliate link: like this one} that wasn’t currently in service, out of the garage, to the front door! Over the past couple of weeks, the kids and I have worked towards stocking it with items that they are often in and out for! That way, the door doesn’t get left open as long and they don’t traipse all the way in through the house with dirty shoes on.

Here’s what it looks like today {after I admittedly neatened it up a bit…}


The top shelf has a brown basket that contains a tablecloth for our picnic table, a quilt for sitting out in the grass {or whatever great adventure it may find itself part of…} and some gloves. The white wicker basket is the spot for Sam & Lawrie’s mp3 players and headphones. {They love to listen to them while they swing!} In addition to some ever-handy paper towels and some hand sanitizer, there are also a couple of small plastic bins for the sunscreens and sunglasses {which I need to round up ‘cuz a couple pairs are missing!} Believe it or not, these little bins are some that my Mom passed along to me from her stash… they are the little plastic bins that sandwich meat comes in these days! And I am always finding new uses for them!

The middle shelf is selected shoes. I say “selected” because I don’t let them keep all their shoes here, just the ones that they most often wear to run around and play in the yard. {The rest of their shoes are stored in our children’s closet…}

And the bottom is shelf is reserved for any play things that are currently in heavy rotation outdoors… their play camping lantern and ball gloves are there now, as some things got left out on the porch today… but this shelf changes constantly.

So there you have it! A quick way to add a little organization to that door in your home that tends to be the most popular during the summer. {And yes, I’ll admit, half the battle is just getting motivated to do it… hopefully this post gave you just the nudge you need.}

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Be sure to stop back by here tomorrow and we’ll talk a little bit about those closets that were just let go for far too long over the winter…

Grace & Peace~

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  1. Sounds like there is always something fun going on at your house!! And I agree about leaving the door open. I’m always hollering after them, “Shut the door!” But they are usually out of earshot at that point. 🙂

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