5 Days: The Taxi Cab


Yesterday I spent some time working on organizing our car. We have a Chevy Tahoe that can seat 7 and after just a few weeks time, that thing can get incredibly cluttered?! But I know I’m not the only one this happens too… sometimes a fun and busy life just means that the back seat really takes a back seat for a bit! Winking smile

I cannot believe that I’m going to actually share this picture with all of you, but this was, sadly, what my poor car looked like when I started…

photo (1)

Am I slightly embarrassed? Shyeah. But, since it’s not always like this, I’ve made peace with the fact that it was like this for a time. Life happens. And it will look this again, sooner than I care to think about! {Though I will say that we’ve agreed that we will all try harder to keep it from getting this bad…Grace.}
The way-back was not much better…

photo (2)-001

This time, I took to heart some of the great tips I’ve read over the past few months about organizing the in-car stash of supplies.

So I gathered a few currently unused bins out of the garage, the vacuum cleaner, the spray bottle of cleaner, and some paper towels.

photo (3)

After we got the whole thing gutted of papers, toys, clothes, and other stuff that had just taken up residence there, I sat the kids down at the picnic table and we worked together on a list of “in the car necessities.”

These are the things we decided on…

photo (4)

A few plastic baggies for future trash, accidents, or really pretty much anything from wet clothes to muddy shoes{!}… sunscreen… a first aid kid… paper towels… bibs for the little girls and also a change of panties for them… a couple of zip lock bags… and baby wipes.

Things are very different in this season of life right now… with both little girls now potty trained, I don’t really have to carry a diaper bag anymore, but a few of those diaper bag items are nice to have on hand… and we really don’t have to tote a stroller anywhere anymore either, so this has really opened up the amount of space we have in the back of the car.

They also decided that they wanted to keep a few books on hand in the car for longer rides and of course, they also keep a few DVDs in the car for that reason as well.

photo (5)

So we put all out supplies in one of the little canvas bins that we repurposed… and I actually decided just to stack the other one underneath it because I figured it would be good to have in the car for future rides when the kids want to bring other things that will not ultimately stay in the car. They can pull that bin out of the back, put their things in it, and keep it up at their seats with them ‘til we get back home. {I guess we’ll see how well that plan works out…} Then they put a few of their books in the little green bin there.

It felt so good to see the back all neat again!

car cleanup

All the hard work was worth it…

car cleanup2

Here are the sites that I’ve found most helpful when it comes to learning a few car organization tips…

These sites really helped to motivate me and gave great ideas on exactly what is good to keep on hand in the car.

So what does your car look like right now??? If you manage to keep yours from ever looking like mine did in the “before” photo, please share your tips! Smile

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Grace & Peace~

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  1. Great ideas! Chris hates the car clutter, but sometimes you end up needing something that’s been hanging out in the car for weeks! 🙂

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