{Nature Study} Our Bird Viewing Window

This school year, we’ve been working our way through Apologia’s Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Sixth Day.

A significant portion of this study is about birds and the kids have really, thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about these incredible creatures of God’s creation.

A few months into our school year, a friend shared this really cool video on Facebook…

Needless to say, after watching that, the kids were eager for us to get this done to our school room window!

We found the product mentioned in the video at our local home improvement store, but have since found that it’s also available through Amazon.com for slightly less…{These links are affiliate links…}


It was not difficult at all (Gila shares video step-by-step instructions here) but being super-duper careful while doing it, in order to make sure we got it just right without wasting the rather costly film, did make it take a nap-time length time commitment. Winking smile

bird viewing window

This is how it looks from the outside and the inside and the mirror effect is what makes it work! The birds see themselves, the feeders, and the trees reflected in the window, so they CAN’T see us at all while we’re standing inside with our noses on the windows, noting every detail of their beauty!

window collage

And these are some of the birds that we’ve been able to see up close! (I am still working on getting the camera settings just right to capture great shots of them through the window…)

bird collage

We have thoroughly enjoyed how this little project has brought the birds in such close proximity to our school room! There have been a few days where we’ve just stayed in front of the window, waiting to mark another bird off of our bird watching list.

~ ~ ~

So how about you? Does your homeschooling ever spill over into your “real life?” If you’re anything like us, as you can see, the answer to that is a big ol’ resounding YES! Well, I’m excited to share with all of you that I have the new & distinct privilege of being a part of an awesome new monthly blog hop…

“Real life homeschooling is about turning the world into our classroom,” says blog hop founder Heather of Upside Down Homeschooling. So, on the 2nd Tuesday of each month you’ll find a great linky list here of bloggers sharing how they live their lives homeschooling their children! Be sure to join us by adding your link to the list!

Also linkin’ up over at Fisher Academy International…


  1. Andrea @ No Doubt Learning

    What a great activity! My girls are totally into birds right now. It’s so nice to use the “real world” for learning!!

  2. How fun! It’s easy to be interested about birds when you can watch them like this. Enjoy!

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