Summer Adventures Recapped, Part 1

Lawrie Turns 8

Lawrie turned 8 on June 10th!

Friends, it’s been so long that as I sat down here to write, I didn’t really know what to say… or where to start.

Most of the reason for my blogging hiatus over the past few months had to do with the fact that this summer was not an easy-breezy one for us.  And now that fall is here and we’re back to the daily routine of our school work… I think I’m ready to write out about all that happened with us over those past months, both for posterity and so that I can move on. It will take more than one post…

June 1st

On Saturday, June 1st, as we were preparing to celebrate Sam’s softball team’s entry into the end-of-season tournament, we were completely thrown for a loop when the team shockingly had to forfeit their game, due to no-show team members. The girls were devastated, as were the Coaches… But all of that was short lived when I realized that…

Lawrie was missing.

He and Danny had driven separately from me and the girls because he made a pit stop by our friends’ house to pick up the washing machine they were selling us… Remember my washing dying on me? Yeah. Well on their way, they’d picked up fast food for all of us to enjoy during the ballgame. Only they couldn’t carry it all up to the field at once. So they brought what they could and Danny sent Lawrie back for the last coupla things. His Explorer was parked on the edge of the park parking lot because it had a trailer attached to it. At the time I realized Lawrie was missing, I didn’t know he’d been sent back to the car.

Sam went to check the playground, I checked the restrooms, and Danny headed back to the car. The look that Danny gave me when our eyes met across the parking lot was a look that I can’t really even describe. There was terror and panic in his eyes and I took off across the parking lot.

What I arrived at was Lawrie, sitting in a chair in the yard of the homeowner neighboring the park. He was trembling, his leg covered with a rag, with his voice cracking as he began offering apologies to me…

He’d been attacked by a dog.


The owner had just arrived home from errands and attempted to carry in her bags along with her two dogs’ leashes at the same time Lawrie had arrived back at the car. For reasons unknown to us and the dog’s owner, one of the dogs… and 80 lb. bull dog mutt… broke loose and charged Lawrie. Unfortunately, it scared him and he tried to escape but the dog caught hold of his leg and dragged him to the ground. The owner pulled the dog off of Lawrie and carried him to the chair in her lawn… She then got him the rag and was in the process of getting info from him, so that she could come find us. That’s when Danny found them.

He was none too pleased.

When I got there, Danny throwing questions at the woman left and right… I just focused on Lawrie. I’d left Sam “in charge” of the little girls back at the ball field and worked on getting in touch with my Mom and sister who’d been heading toward the ball field for the game, but I’d just let them know that the game was cancelled and they didn’t need to come any further. Luckily, they’d made a quick stop at a store relatively close by and I was able to get them to come on to the field, not only for moral support, but also to help with the girls.

The dog owner was terrified… I’m sure of many things, really: That we would sue her… that we’d demand her dog be put down… that we’d press charges. But in the moment, the only thought that I could seem to hold focus on was, “Grace… grace… grace.” In fact Danny tells me that I kept saying that to him… I felt sorry for her, even though Lawrie had all the focus of my sympathies and concern. She seemed incredibly kind. She was distraught that it’d happened, telling us that the dog had never given her any indication of being aggressive. She immediately provided us with the dog’s up-to-date vaccination record and showed incredible kindness to Lawrie, who was terrified in his own right… helping to keep him distracted from his injury while we determined the best course of action.

The Police came… those affiliated with the Park called immediately because the incident had occurred on public, park property. His wounds were deep and definitely required medical attention, but we felt we’d be able to get him to the E.R. sufficiently, as he was otherwise in good condition. Animal Control was contacted by the Police, but the county we were in, which was not our own, is very large and they were unable to respond to the scene of the incident, so we were told to head on to the E.R. and they contacted us later that day to file a report. They told us that the dog would be put on a 10 day quarantine and that we would contacted again if there were any concerns about the dog. We never heard back from them…

At the E.R. Lawrie received several stitches to the worst of the lacerations. They were deep, too. One bite went clean through the tissue on the side of his leg. Fortunately, the Doctor was wonderful and patient and worked hard to alleviate Lawrie’s understandable anxiety with the situation.

We never heard any more about the dog. Animal Control had informed us that that was good news because it meant there were no other issues with the dog.

Lawrie had his stitches removed on his birthday...

Lawrie had his stitches removed on his birthday…

In the days that passed, Lawrie recovered well… regaled others with the story of his wounds… and was able to have his stitches removed on his birthday. We also received very lovely cards from the dog’s owner. One to me and Danny and one specifically to Lawrie.

We are incredibly grateful to the Lord that this entire incident was as “minor” as it was. Even though I struggled for quite a bit with the constant thoughts about the “shoulds” and the “what ifs…” But I just had to keep repeating that phrase to myself… grace… Grace… GRACE.

More adventures to come…

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