Do I even remember how this works?

I cannot believe that the last time I posted on the blog here was back in October.

I used to say repeatedly here that if I’m not blogging it’s because I’m busy living.

It’s still true. I have much to share.

Somehow I managed to work myself into a blogging funk. I only have myself to blame. I let things get in my head that overtook my simple love of writing.

Over the course of 2013 I met some amazing women… many of them bloggers. Several of them very successful bloggers. Well, successful in some societal-based definition that I’d formulated in my brain: They make money blogging. Some of them even make a lot of money blogging. They have tons of followers… their posts regularly go viral… they speak at important events and make important appearances. They’ve been dubbed “professional.”

In addition to success, they have a lot of knowledge that they’ve gained along their blogging path. Many of the instances in which I’d come to meet them were educational ones. As 2013 rolled on, I was beginning to learn so much about blogging that I didn’t even have adequate time to implement all the things I was learning?!

Get away from Blogger… improve your SEO, even on old posts… write guests posts… review products… take part in blog parties and hops and link ups… engage your audience… stay on top of Facebook changes… create “Pin-worthy” graphics… oh, and don’t forget to schedule your Tweets!


Ugh. It got to the point that my perfectionism took over and all I could think to myself was, “Well, I don’t have time to do it all just right, so I’m not even gonna bother to write.”

How stupid I’ve been.

My first post was on October 28th, 2005 and I wrote, “…this’ll be a cool way to keep in touch & let everyone see pictures more often.” As the years went on, I began to share more personal, thoughtful writing with one of the first being on April 20th, 2008. And even back on January 11th, 2012 I was already having to remind myself why I blog…

“I blog as a way of sharing. I blog to inspire. I blog as cheap therapy. I blog because I think of topics in the shower and need somewhere to write them out of my head… I’m not blogging for money {though I have absolutely nothing against that.} I’m not blogging to be “discovered.” And I’m not blogging to be popular. I am blogging for me. And ultimately for the glory of God.”

It’s so easy to see folks doing something similar to you, as doing it better than you. But the truth is that no matter how well you do it or how successful you are at it according to the world’s definition, if you’re not true to yourself, you’ve failed in the worst way possible.

So… here I am. Writing plainly. Being true to myself and expressing the thoughts I want to share.

And I have no idea what the SEO of this Pin-worthy graphic lacking post is.

Feels good.


  1. So true Sherri! When you have a house full of kids and a busy life, it’s hard to find the time for the blogging plus all that stuff you mentioned that we’re “supposed” to be doing.

    • And it’s hard too because I love blogging! It’s fun for me! But with all those other “requirements” that I’d let get in the way, I sometimes even dreaded to start a post… Back to basics for me in 2014! LOL

  2. Glad you’re back!! Missed your posts!

    • Thanks Jennifer! If feels so good to be writing again… and someday I’ll figure out how to work in all that “other” stuff too! 😉

  3. You go girl!! Way to step back and just blog for you 🙂 It’s way more fun this way!!

  4. Glad you were back! Come back again!!

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