“I was never particularly interested in having kids…”

That title there is the first line of an article that I read last night. A really good one. A great one actually.

It is a beautiful, honest piece.

If you are someone who’s a natural-born nurturer or you always dreamed of having children, it might not make much sense to you.

In fact it may sound cold or heartless to you at first, but just keep reading.

The author, Phillip Toledano, does a wonderful job capturing in photographs and in words what it’s like to become a parent when it really wasn’t an idea you were originally keen on.

Most don’t believe me, but I was once a “reluctant mother” myself and I really related to this piece. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve uttered that line in the title of my post up there before.

Toledano writes… “I look back at all these photographs, and see how they reveal my slow and inevitable metamorphosis: From detached observer, to eager participant…”

And even though I do not have the beautiful, professional photographic captures of my metamorphosis, I have the memories. I have grown so much… from a 22 year old anxiety-filled new mother that was very nearly terrified of her own child (I’d never even held a baby before my own firstborn?!) to a much more laid back and comfortable baby snuggler of all babies that I can get my hands on!

You can check it out over here… http://www.people.com/people/special/0,,20781946,00.html


Grace & Peace


  1. It seems we just don’t ‘get it’ about babies until we have our own. And then we can’t believe the love we have for them. I think it really surprises us.

    • That was definitely true for me! But I’m so glad I met someone who made me feel like I could change my mind about having children and that he is such a wonderful father to the ones the Lord has sent us! Great to hear from you again Judy! Hope y’all are staying warm up there… 🙂

  2. I was the same way early on. I asked my GYN to tie my tubes before I was married. I look at the homeschooling mom of 5 that I am now and wonder sometimes if that other girl ever really existed. God is amazing in how he molds us.

    • Oh wow! I know what you mean about wondering if that other girl ever really existed… I’ve wondered that SO many times. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that she did, but she was blessed to grow deeply into someone that I now prefer much more! 😉 Thanks for sharing Melissa!

  3. I never judge when I read stuff like, I didn’t always want to be a mom/dad/parent. Growing up I wanted to be a photographer, a model, a lawyer but never a mom. Actually at 16 I was told something terrible and swore I’d never be a parent. It wasn’t until I got engaged and ended up living with my soon to be sister-in-law and met her two children. I instantly babied them and wanted to help her with them. To nobody’s surprise but my own I got pregnant on my wedding night. I’m now a mom to five children and couldn’t picture life any other way.

  4. Remember Mrs. Wilson in Dennis The Menace, the childless older lady that adored children (as long as they went home)? That’s me. I like to organized the neighborhood kid events and try to be a good Mrs. Wilson. My husband (a professional) is 1 of 10, and I’m 1 of 5, so we skipped the child rearing, since we have 46 nieces and nephews.

    I so admire good moms and dads. What a hard job, especially homeschoolers. My bonnet is off to you. I can’t imagine the responsibility. Homeschoolers rock!

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