Backyard Chickens {My Here & Now…}

I once heard a very wise blogger offer a piece of advice that only recently came to mind again. I guess that was because I needed it to come to mind at precisely that moment… that moment when I realized that I have become an inconsistent blogger who was actually beginning to wonder if I even wanted to blog at all anymore.

Granted, I cannot for the life of me recall exactly who said it… probably because at the time, even though it pricked my brain, it didn’t apply to me then.

It does now.

The advice was, if you ever feel like you’re “behind” in your blogging, don’t worry about catching up. Just start where you are and move forward.

I thought I was getting back on the horse back in January when I wrote a post entirely for myself. But since then I’ve still struggled… no longer with the idea of putting out the “perfect” post, I did truly leave that behind… but with the fact that as I look over my blog, I feel so behind. Back in October I started to share about some of the events that had transpired over our summer, starting with Lawrie getting attacked by a dog. But I never got the other parts finished before tragedy struck us again. And even since then, there’s been more trauma & tragedy, though mostly wonderful blessings, laughter, and smiles. I want to be sure to document it all (this blog did start as a digital scrapbook of sorts…) and I will. In due time, I suppose.

But for now, I’m starting right where I am. . .

Last week, we finally took the plunge and adopted 6 beautifully adorable, fascinating Golden Comet chicks that will be our very own backyard chickens!

Barth Kids & Chicks

These are just four of them, because the kids weren’t quite keen on holding more than one yet… or at all, in the case of Ellie & Emme.

Their names are Zoe (pictured with Sam,) Happy (pictured with Lawrie,) Elsa (pictured with Ellie,) and Anna (pictured with Emme.) The kids were kind enough to let Danny & me name the other two… Lilly & Rose.

Yes, I might have some slightly obsessed Frozen fans in my house…

I’d been researching the idea of raising chickens for about a year and the timing just seemed right.

I got the majority of my information from this great site –, including which breed might be the best fit for our family and our needs… how to set up a DIY brooder for the chicks’ first few weeks indoors… and an endless supply of answers to some of the craziest questions you can imagine from their member forum. (You know, questions like… “Why does my chick look dead?” or “What exactly is pasty butt??”)

 Barth Kids & Chicks in Brookd

We surprised the kids with the trip to pick up our chicks from the farm supply store last Wednesday and they have been enthralled with them ever since! It’s hard to believe that we’ve already had them for one week AND we are just blown away by how quickly they are growing!!

So our next few weeks are going to be spent preparing our chicks a nice little chicken coop and learning more about them. We are looking forward to a summer of watching our little chicks grow into beautiful hens and them sharing lots of eggs with us!

We were a little worried at fist at how they kinda look dead when they're sleeping!

Our sleeping chicks! (We were a little worried at first because of how they kinda look dead when they’re sleeping?! But they are perfectly okay!)

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  1. How fun! I think if we didn’t have the dogs, we would have chickens too!!

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