Blogging anxiety…

Why does this view fill me with such anxiety???

We’re gearing up for that start of another year homeschooling and looking back over my blog, I realized that I’ve only written TEN blog posts (including this one) over the course of the past year?! This from a blogger who posted 168 posts on 2008 and 131 in 2011!

I’ve written about this before and I’ve even told myself that I’d be perfectly okay with just blogging whenever I was “inspired.”

Is it just that I’m not inspired anymore?

I’m not sure it’s that simple.

After blogging for going on 11 years now, I’ve seen things change and grow. And in the last few years I’ve seen bloggers I know get attacked for one reason or another.

Did you know that there are even hate blogs out there whose sole purpose is to rant and degrade other bloggers??? (Usually the more popular bloggers…)

I think I’m just chicken.

See the stuff that’s been coming to mind to post lately just feels too raw… too personal… it feels like exactly the sort of thing that would get me attacked. Not that I think I’m “popular” enough for anyone to even really notice… but I’ll never forget the first comment that I received that really hurt my feelings.

Maybe I’m just not cut out for that.

But then when I think of just going back to the simple family updates that my blog originated with, that seems so pointless. I mean, now all of our family is now on Facebook and keeps up with us DAILY!

So here I am… at this impasse: No need to continue posting family updates in blog form and being too chicken to open myself up for ridicule and/or condemnation.

What’s a blogger to do???

Any of you out there ever felt this way?


  1. I have! It’s hard to put yourself out there, especially if it’s personal and have someone attack you for it. Thankfully while I have received a few hurtful comments here and there, I’ve never been attacked for something I’ve written. Personally I would pray about it! If writing is a good outlet for you and something that beings you joy, then trust in your voice and hit publish!

    • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement Aurie! You have always been such a wonderful source of faith-building inspiration! đŸ™‚

    • I’ve been so “lazy” about my blog that I never took the time to respond to you Aurie! Ack! LOL Thank you so much for always being such a wonderful source of encouragement and inspiration to keep on keepin’ on! Love you!

  2. Oh, please continue! We’re here, learning from you. You may not hear from us, you may not know we exist, but we are the homeschooling parents that “read” blogs looking for inspiration, validation that some are going through the same trials and tribulations, or just reading for laughs and fluff after a hard day. Please don’t let the haters scare you or discourage you. Write as though they don’t exist. When it gets you down, just reread this and know that “we” are out here. Also know that we understand the time commitment it takes to post (and I’m even a non-blogger, and I know). Don’t worry about number of posts, write when you are inspired….we’ll be here…no judgements! ( I know this post is from July, but felt the need to comment anyway.)

    • Thank you so much for taking time to share your kind words of encouragement Nancy Sue! Reading this comment has really meant a lot to me as I’m working recently to reignite my blogging spark… đŸ™‚

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