Pain, pain go away!

Back around the end of June, beginning of July, we spent some time visiting family up in Virginia. We had a great time and got back home a coupla days after the 4th.

During that first week back home, I began experiencing this strange pain in my back, up between my shoulder blades.

Of course my first thought was that I’d slept “wrong” and that after a few nights of being careful with my pillows, I’d be better. But that wasn’t the case. It became difficult to get to sleep at night. I slept on a heating pad for a few nights and that seemed to help a little. I was at least able to get some sleep.

After two weeks, I realized that this must be something more than just having slept wrong… but I’m still not sure what might be causing it.

I tried using PanAway essential oil blend from Young Living Essential Oils but it didn’t work as well I would’ve hoped.

Monday night, after attending a new essential oils class, I learned that different oils work to varying degrees on different people due to our bodies’ chemistry. It was suggested that I give the Valor blend a try.

It worked like a charm! I had 90% relief within about 10 minutes and was finally able to get to sleep with relative ease.

I’ve slept well this week for the first time all month but I’m still experiencing a significant amount of pain during the day.

Fortunately, I received another huge blessing on Monday night… a divine appointment with a lady who works for the chiropractor of a couple of friends of  mine! I was so excited because I went through a round of chiropractic therapy back in 2005, when I had a herniated disk in my lower back while pregnant with Lawrie?!

After 12 weeks, I was as good as new! And even since, my recurrent pain has been pretty rare and manageable. In the years that followed, insurance changes that no longer covered chiropractic care kept me from continuing with a maintenance plan… and now I am unable to locate the Dr. who previously treated me.

So my first appointment with this new chiropractor is on Saturday morning and as excited as I am about achieving some relief, I’m also feeling kind of nervous like I did the first time I ever visited a chiropractor… I just can’t help but being a little freaked out about the whole “neck cracking” thing! (Even though I know that’s not what they do…)

If  you don’t mind and you happen to think of me, I would certainly appreciate any prayers offered up on my behalf!


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