To my Mom friends with all littles…


Yesterday, a sinus infection that’s been winding its way through our family, knocked me flat on my back.

After a day of stuffiness that I felt threatened by, the full weight of the mess washed over me and the only thing I wanted to do was get in my bed.

Fortunately, it happened at about noon, so half of our day was over and Daddy would be home soon (he gets off work at 3.) I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening fighting back with my vitamins, supplements, and essential oils.


Fighting off a bug… with a dandelion flower from my Emme girl…

Unfortunately, Danny doesn’t have the luxury of taking off as many “sick days” as he once did, so I knew I’d be on my own today.

And today, despite my many, many imperfections as a mother, I was made ridiculously aware of the value of the investment of time that I made in the lives of my older two children, Sam, who’s 12 and Lawrie, who’s 9.

When they were little, it felt like I could never get a moment alone. Wherever I was, they wanted to be. Whatever I was doing, they wanted to do.

It was during that time that a wonderful, wise mentor-Mom in my life told me to take a breath and take the time to actually engage my littles in those things I was doing. Of course, they wouldn’t get it right away… and when they finally did, it wouldn’t be perfect… but be willing to show them instead of just pushing them to the side so that I could “get it done faster.”

I took that advice to heart and found that it did help relieve my own frustrations with my children’s seeming “omnipresence.”


This morning I woke up late because I’d been up and down all night with congestion. When I got to the kitchen, Lawrie had helped his little sisters get cereal for breakfast and had set them up in the den with a favorite movie on tv.

So I spent most of the morning still in bed… resting and answering emails and messages.


As lunch time approached, I asked them what they wanted to eat. Sam told me, rather emphatically, to “not worry about lunch!” She wanted to make french toast. There was to be no arguing from me. She’s made it with me so many times that she’s very nearly better than me.

After lunch, I spent some time on the front porch, watching Lawrie help Ellie (5) ride her bike on two wheels (!) by giving her pushes to get started as Sam helped Emme (3) clean the Power Wheels Jeep to her specifications. Then, as they all wandered back inside for a bit, Sam offered to keep her eye on them so I could nap.

I woke up just a bit ago, feeling soooooo much better. I still have some congestion… still trying to expel all that mucus… and have almost no voice at all, but the sinus pressure and chills are gone and I feel like I actually have some ENERGY!

And I also woke up thinking, “This is all because of that little bit of wisdom that I was blessed to receive about 8 years ago…”

Friends, I know you’re not getting many “breaks” these days… I know that you could get the millions things you have to do done about twice as fast if you just put the little ones down for a nap or let them watch a little tv… and I know that right now, you don’t get ANY sick days. Ever.

But today, I have lived the proof that if you will take a breath, slow down, and talk your little ones through all of the things that you do and they are interested in, before you know it (seriously, I cannot really even believe that I have a 12 year old?!) all of those little investments will bring you great return.


Me, the sick-o, with my 2 wonderful helpers!

Hang in there Mommas. You’re doing a wonderful job!



  1. such a wonderful post! Well do I remember those days.

  2. Such wonderful advice! I’m glad that you are on the mend – it’s horrible when we moms get sick, because we don’t get many sick days either.

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